Junior Seminar's Announcements

11/18: You handed in the summary of somebody else's presentation and did current events.  We also went over the printout of your grades.
11/11: You did your final presentation.  The summary of the other presentation is due next class (Wednesday) and you are doing a current event then too.
11/4: You turned in your resumé.  We then looked at one of the other topics students could have discussed.  Your final presentation of your paper will be done next class (Wednesday).

10/28: We heard a speaker from WVU and did current events.
10/21: You did a current event and turned in a summary of somebody else's presentation.  We then went over writing a resumé. 
10/14: We heard two more progress reports.  Remember, next time, we have a current event and you need to turn in t summary of a presentation which you did not present.
10/7: We heard the first two presentations on the progress of your class paper.  We will hear the other two next week. 
9/30:  We looked at some of the helpful features of Word.  Remember, the first progress reports on your paper for this class will be next weekend.
9/23: You did current event and we went over the homework.  We then started looking at how to make papers look professional in Word.
9/16: You handed in Homework #1 and the outline for the paper for this class.  We then did more work on making a paper look professional.
9/9: You did a current event.  We then did more of writing a good paper. I handed out the homework which is due next Wednesday.  Also due next Wednesday is the outline for your paper for this class.

9/2: We covered more of how to write a good paper.  Remember, next Wednesday is your next current event.

8/26: You did your first current event.  We then started doing how to write a paper.
2020/8/19:  I handed out the syllabus.  We went over how to do PowerPoint presentations because your next class will have you doing a PowerPoint current event.

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