Junior Seminar

9/28: You did a current event.  We then went over the homework I handed back.  Remember, the outline for your paper is due next class.
9/21: You handed in Homework #1 and then we did some on how to use Word to make papers look professional.  You have a current event next class.
9/14: We did more current events and then covered more of how to write papers in economics.  Remember, Homework #1 is due next class.  It is the last one!

9/7: We did more on how to write a paper.  You have a current event next week.    There will be a speaker on Tuesday 11:00, probably in the Academic Parlour.  He will be talking about the use of fiat money in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  It is sponsored by the Economics Club.
2023/8/31: We continued on how to write papers and you did a current event.  I handed out the first assignment.

2023/8/24:  I handed out the syllabus.  We then went over the syllabus and barely started how to write a paper in economics.

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