Junior Seminar

11/30: You did the presentation.  Your final draft of your paper is due Tuesday at 3:30 if you are taking comps, and Friday at 7:00 PM if you are not taking comps. Remember, I want electronic copies of your sources.

11/16: You turned in your rough draft and did a current event.  We discussed "other topics".  You will be presenting the class after Thanksgiving, i.e., 11/30. That will be an extra long class because we will have three presentations.  Because we are going extra long, we will not be meeting during finals.  (All courses are supposed to meet during finals if they are not having an exam.)

11/9: You handed in your resumé and we discussed "other topics"  Remember, the rough draft of your term paper is due next class and you have a current event too. 
11/2: We heard a speaker talk about graduate school and did a current event.  Remember, your resumé is due next class.
10/26: We did a current event.  Then we heard about writing resumé.  You have two weeks to write your resumé.  You handed in the summary of another person's presentation.  Next week is another current event and we will hear a gues speaker talk about graduate school in general and WVU in specific.
10/19: We heard the last presentation.  A summary of a presentation is due next week and we are doing a current event.
10/12: We heard the first two presentations on their progress.
10/5: You turned in the outline of your paper.  We then did more of how to make papers look professional.
9/28: You did a current event.  We then went over the homework I handed back.  Remember, the outline for your paper is due next class.
9/21: You handed in Homework #1 and then we did some on how to use Word to make papers look professional.  You have a current event next class.
9/14: We did more current events and then covered more of how to write papers in economics.  Remember, Homework #1 is due next class.  It is the last one!

9/7: We did more on how to write a paper.  You have a current event next week.    There will be a speaker on Tuesday 11:00, probably in the Academic Parlour.  He will be talking about the use of fiat money in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  It is sponsored by the Economics Club.
2023/8/31: We continued on how to write papers and you did a current event.  I handed out the first assignment.

2023/8/24:  I handed out the syllabus.  We then went over the syllabus and barely started how to write a paper in economics.

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